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Trang chủ Thiết bị đo độ cứng Đo độ cứng để bàn Thiết bị đo cứng để bàn

Thiết bị đo cứng để bàn


Mô tả

Thiết bị đo độ cứng để bàn

Tính năng

  • Provided with many features such as high measuring precision, wide measuring range with 15 Rockwell scales.
  • Automatic test force switch according the selected scale without manual operation.
  • Automatic load cycle. The loading, dwell, unloading process of the main test force are controlled exactly to meet standard.
  • Measuring results digitally displaying and can be printed, or transmitted to external computer automatically.
  • The tester is suitable for testing of carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, non ferrous metal, and engineering plastic, etc.
  • Test value can be transformed to the value of HB, HV, HLD, HK and σb value.
  • The tester meets all the following standard such as ISO 6508-2, ASTM E18, BS EN ISO6508-2, GB/T230.2.
  • Thông số kỹ thuật (SPEC)
  • Preload 98.1 N (10 Kgf)
  • Total Test Force 588.4N (60kgf), 980.7N (100kgf), 1471N (150kgf)
  • Load Cycle 3 – 8 s
  • Load Dwell Duration 2 – 50 s, can be set
  • Resolution 0.1 HR
  • Display High definition backlight LCD
  • Operation Menu selectable, Membrane keypad
  • Limits / Alarm Upper / Lower limits setting and alarming
  • Data Statistics Avg., Max., Min., S, R available
  • Surface Correction Curved surface correcting automatcally
  • Memory Max 500 items of test results stored automatically
  • Data Output RS232 to micro printer; USB port to external PC
  • Testing Space 200 mm in vertical; 165 mm in horizontal
  • Dimensions 500 x 200 x 720 mm
  • Power Supply AC, 220 / 110 V, 50/60 Hz, 4 A
  • Net Weight 100 kg
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