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Mô tả

UM-1 Thickness Gauges

Main Features

► 0.1mm or 0.001 inches resolution
► Measuring range:0.8-300mm
► 128×64 pixels display with backlit
► 500 thickness readings can be stored
► Hi-Low alarm setting
► Minimum thickness capture
► V-sound path correction
►Through paint/coatings(UM-1D)

Theory Of Through Paint/Coatings

We developed first through paint/coating ultrasonic thickness gauge of Chinese make in 2006.
UM-1D has the ability to measure through and eliminate the thickness of paint or coatings on the surface of measured material.
In normal measurement mode, the time interval-T1 is between transmitted pulse and first back wall echo(coating thickness is included).
In through paint/coatings measurement mode, the time interval-T2 is between two successive back wall echoes( coating thickness is excluded)


Display Type
12864 dot-matrix LCD screen with EL backlight
Operating Principle
P-E (pulse-echo), E-E (echo-echo) with dual-crystal probes(Only for UM-1D)
Measuring Range
Standard mode: 0.8mm to 300mm, depanding on material and probes
Thru coating mode: 3mm to 20mm with PT-08 probe(Only UM-1D)
Measuring Limits of Tube(Steel)
∮20mm×3.0mm(PT-08 probe)
∮15mm×2.0mm(PT-06 probe)
The measuring error is up to ±0.1mm
Measuring Error
Low Limit to 10mm: ±0.1mm
10mm to high limit: ±(1%H+0.1)mm
Display Resolution
0.1mm, 0.001inch
inch or mm
Calibration Mode
Zero Calibration, Two-point Calibration
V-Path Correction
Update Rate
Velocity Range
1000 to 9999 m/s(0.0394 to 0.3937 in/μs)
Memory Function
500 readings can be stored in 5 groups
Minimum Value Checking
Move the probe along the surface of the testing material, the gauge is able to find the thinnest point automatically.
Warning Function
If the measured value exceeds the pre-set limit, the warning tone will be start.
Velocity Storage
Total 5 different materials velocitiescan be stored.
English and Chinese
Communication Port
USB or Serial RS232 Port(Optional)
Application Software
UmView software for transmission, storage, analysis and documents editing(Optional)
Power Requirements
Two 1.5V AA alkaline batteries(Warning with low battery voltage)
Operating Time
Up to 200 hours with alkaline batteries(wihtout backlight)
Instrument Shut-Off
AUTO OFF after 5 minutes of inactivity
Operating Temperature
-10℃ to +50℃, -20℃ in special requirements
Standard Configuration
UM-1 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge,Probe, Instrument Case, Operating Manual, Certification, Pcking List
Optional Accessories
Various Probes, Probe Cables, Step Calibration Blocks, Communication Software and Rubber Bumpers.

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